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TKO Comments on Mt. Hood NRA v2022Jan7

January 7, 2022 Posted by Trail Ambassadors 0 thoughts on “TKO Comments on Mt. Hood NRA v2022Jan7”

Portland, Ore. – January 8th, 2022 – Subject: Legislative Concepts for Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge

Dear Senator Wyden and Representative Blumenauer:

On behalf of Trailkeepers of Oregon (TKO), we would like to thank you for your ongoing work in protecting Mount Hood and the Gorge, including the new vision for recreation and restoration in the newly released legislative concept. We strongly support this pivot toward protecting special places while also improving sustainable recreation opportunities. Key components are listed below, making the proposal so timely and needed.

TKO Comments Mount Hood NRA v2022Jan7


Call for Volunteers to serve as Trail Ambassadors

March 18, 2021 Posted by Trail Ambassadors 0 thoughts on “Call for Volunteers to serve as Trail Ambassadors”

Help support hiking trails in Oregon by becoming a Trail Ambassador.


Portland, Ore. – March 18, 2021 – This spring, Trailkeepers of Oregon, the Mt. Hood and Columbia River Gorge Regional Tourism Alliance, the U.S. Forest Service, and Oregon State Parks are kicking off another season of the Trail Ambassador Program to equip Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and Mt. Hood visitors with information they need for a safe, informed, and positive experience when hiking in the region. The Trail Ambassador 2021 season will kick-off on April 24th and Trailkeepers of Oregon is currently seeking volunteers


A group of adults stand around a table under a tent with a “Trailhead Ambassador” banner in front of a green forest.

Trailhead Ambassador: A Fun Way to Volunteer

April 24, 2019 Posted by April 2019 0 thoughts on “Trailhead Ambassador: A Fun Way to Volunteer”

2020 Update: This program is now being run by Trailkeepers of Oregon. To learn more and sign up, visit the Trail Ambassadors page.

By Cheryl Hill, Board Member, Trailkeepers of Oregon

“Where is the waterfall?” a man asked me in the Multnomah Falls freeway parking lot. I pointed over his shoulder to Oregon’s tallest waterfall, which could not be heard over the freeway noise. (more…)

Volunteer Spotlight: Geri Marz

September 16, 2017 Posted by Fall 2017, Newsletter 0 thoughts on “Volunteer Spotlight: Geri Marz”

By Michael McDowell

A woman in a hard hat standing on a steep slope with her hands on a large rock.

Geri doing rock work at Trail Skills College, April 2017.

Geri Marz joined Trailkeepers about a year ago. She’s volunteered weekly almost ever since joining, and put in many volunteer days over the past winter, spring, and summer on a trail crew building the new Viewpoint Trail at Milo McIver State Park. John Sparks and Michael McDowell met with her in August to discuss her TKO volunteering. (more…)

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