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Autumn Hiking Mt. Hood’s Eliot Glacier and Tilly Jane Trails

September 26, 2018 Posted by Fall 2018, Newsletter 0 thoughts on “Autumn Hiking Mt. Hood’s Eliot Glacier and Tilly Jane Trails”

By Lindy Callahan, Volunteer, Trailkeepers of Oregon

I visited the north side of Mount Hood the first time in October. A steady chill had taken the air as the last leaves were just starting to fall from the trees. All I had expected on this trip was some easy hiking and a somewhat spooky night in an old lodge. Our car pulled up in front of Cloud Cap Inn and my expectations began to change.


Developing “Trail Eyes”

July 14, 2017 Posted by Newsletter 0 thoughts on “Developing “Trail Eyes””

Slough and trail creep on the Wygant Trail near Mitchell Point, Columbia River Gorge. The arrow shows where the uphill edge of the trail should be.

Almost every hiking trail in the Northwest has been worked on by a volunteer group. Trailkeepers of Oregon’s robust network of volunteers maintain the trails that we all love to hike, correcting problems and improving the overall hiking experience. Most people who have done trail work say that they will never look at a trail the same way again. But you don’t have to join a work party to begin developing “trail eyes” (although we would love to have you!). Here are some things to watch for as you hike. (more…)

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