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Amanda’s Trail and the Forced Relocation of Oregon Peoples

March 14, 2018 Posted by Newsletter, Spring 2018 0 thoughts on “Amanda’s Trail and the Forced Relocation of Oregon Peoples”

By John Sparks, Board Member, Trailkeepers of Oregon


Sometimes a trail is not just a trail. On Cape Perpetua, the Amanda’s Trail, which runs two and one-half miles from south of Yachats to the CCC-constructed stone shelter up on the cape, holds two tales worth the telling. One is the lengthy, complicated and bureaucratic process around creating a hiking trail where none existed before; the other brings to light a grim chapter of Oregon history when native peoples were forced to relocate to lands remote from their ancestral homes.

Close-up view of deep blue purplish petals of flowers in bloom.

Camas blooming at the top of Cape Perpetua. (Photo by John Sparks)


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