Trail Workshop Series

TKO’s Trail Workshop Series

Learn by Doing, Give Back to Oregon’s Trails

TKO Scout School

A half day workshop introducing “trail eyes” to our participants and ways to observe/report trail issues. 1-part hike, 1-part class, the event is an introductory experience geared towards all supporters of trail stewardship.

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TKO (mini) Tread School

While not required, this workshop can be taken as a precursor to TKO Tread School or follow up to explore more tread and drainage challenges on trails.  Presented as a “101” beginner class with plenty of hands-on learning opportunities.

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TKO Tread School

Zigzag Ranger District

Nestled along the Salmon River within the Zigzag Ranger District of the Mt. Hood National Forest – We’ve got the fun training all figured out, plus food/refreshments and a beautiful place to stay – grab a bunk, pitch your tent, or rent a room for the weekend!


Would you like to partner on a training event on your trails?

Scouting, tread/drainage, rock and timber structure building and designing and building new trails – full day or half day trail workshop events are options. Partner with us to support the event, and we’ll coordinate the rest – including instruction, project management, tools and hard hats.

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Other Ways to Get Involved

We’re an all-volunteer outfit, and depend on people like you to organize and advertise trail projects, keep the forum and website running, and makes sure bills are paid. If you’re not up to swinging a trail tool off in the woods, but still want to give your time and energy, we have plenty of ways to get involved. Simply send us a message below.

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Training Interest

Want to partner, but don’t know how? Tell us what you need and we’ll work with you to find the best ways help out your trails. Email

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