TKO’s Strategic Impact Goal: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

A Safe & Welcoming Outdoors

TKO seeks to make Oregon’s trails a place where people can go to connect with nature and one another.

We recognize that not everyone feels safe or welcome in the outdoors due to racism, bias, and hate; we have committed to being a part of the solution to changing that.



Establish a culture of anti-racism, equity, diversity, and inclusion to build a movement where hikers in Oregon feel safe and welcome in outdoor spaces.


  • All people, regardless of identity, have the right to safely access outdoor public spaces.
  • Stewardship of outdoor spaces began with the land management practices of Indigenous people.
  • The U.S. government forced Indigenous people to cede their land, and now manages public land for the profit and benefit of a nation functioning under white supremacist structures.
  • Dismantling white supremacy requires having open and difficult communications about its role in our current structures.
  • We must continually learn and challenge our beliefs with humility in order to evolve.
  • Access to public lands, recreation and facilities is an inherent right of all people.
  • Access to the benefits of nature, open space and community improves quality of life.
  • Access to recreation and education on public lands builds a sense of place, contributing to more sustainable and equitable use of outdoor spaces.
  • True structural change requires diversity in leadership and other impactful positions.
  • We can hold ourselves and our partner organizations accountable for strong DEI practices.


The goal of dismantling white supremacy is liberation. Liberation is possible and will allow access to the outdoors to everyone. TKO’s vision is that Oregon’s trails are a place where people can go to connect with nature and one another. They are accessible and welcoming to all communities.


TKO seeks to make Oregon’s trails a place where people can go to connect with nature & one another. Not everyone feels safe & welcome in the outdoors due to racism, bias & hate. We commit to being part of the solution to change that.



We create partnerships with diverse communities and work together to make trails and nature welcoming & accessible. We are working towards being more inclusive and equitable by integrating antiracism, diversity, and inclusion into the organization. 


We develop an environment for learning with appropriate resources that can help relate, unify and support a diverse organization. 


Develop sustainable structures to attract and retain a diverse board, employee and volunteer network within the organization that can be their authentic selves while in service to the organization.


We connect people with nature, inspiring a responsibility to maintain access to Oregon’s natural places.


We hold ourselves and our partner organizations accountable for strong DEI practices.

DEI Spectrum Tool

In order for TKO to be accountable for becoming a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization, we have measured our presence, progress, and shortcomings through the Meyer-Memorial DEI Spectrum Tool. Individual board members and staff, lead volunteers, and TKO supporters have all participated in assessing where they believed TKO is across a spectrum. You can learn more about this tool at the MMT website.

Click on the topics below to learn more about where we are and what we are working on.

TKO envisions a DEI future and uses this vision to guide our DEI work.

    1. Communicate our vision in a strategic planning document and review the plan regularly to add work objectives to strive toward.
    2. Have a living strategic plan communicating our vision and work plan objectives.

TKO has institutionalized our commitment to DEI.

    1. Established decision-making mechanisms to integrate DEI principles into our work.
    2. Organized recurring meetings, at least monthly, to keep DEI at the forefront of our decision making processes.

TKO leaders recognize the importance of DEI and prioritize resources, and lead the effort.

    1. Establish a DEI committee made up of staff, board and volunteers.
    2. Support continuing education for staff and leaders.

TKO has DEI policies and an organizational plan with clear goals, objectives and indicators of progress and success. The DEI Committee advises the TKO Board of Directors and staff to develop and implement policies that champion organizational equity.

TKO has committed resources and structures (e.g., an equity committee) to support the DEI transformation.

    1. The budget includes funding specifically designated for DEI-related projects and training.
    2. Include DEI responsibilities in each staff person’s position description and work plan.

TKO fosters ongoing DEI learning and growth for its staff, management, and board.

    1. Include DEI and leadership classes in mandatory onboarding and continuing development training for staff, board, and volunteer leaders.
    2. Allocate time and funding for staff and volunteers to pursue educational opportunities on DEI topics.

TKO has policies and strategies for strengthening and maintaining diversity; staff, board and volunteer leaders are representative of the community they serve; effective retention strategies are implemented.

    1. Create job training pathways/programs to give underrepresented people job experience for future careers in the outdoors.
    2. Evaluate recruiting and hiring practices and implement strategies for reaching diverse candidates.
    3. Explore and expand opportunities for BIPOC and LGBTQI+ in the outdoor recreation profession. 
    4. Establish goals for growing diverse representation in staff, board, crew leaders, and ambassadors.

TKO routinely collects and analyzes disaggregated data for all programmatic and operational work and uses the information in planning and decision-making. We have established regular feedback mechanisms and reviews to gather information on who participates in TKO programming and monitor results for alignment with DEI goals.

Mutually beneficial, accountable, and equitable partnerships exist with diverse organizations and leaders from communities experiencing disparities.

    1. Initiate and develop relationships with local and statewide organizations. 
    2. Build complementary initiatives and collaborations with historically underrepresented communities.

 TKO’s decisions are systematically guided by equity considerations. We are committed to consider the questions: “who has privilege/bias? and who is left out?” in decision making.

TKO develops mechanisms to create and maintain accountability to its constituents.

    1. Solicit and review regular feedback on program experience and organizational decision-making.
    2. Build an outside assessment and feedback loop for the DEI spectrum analysis.
    3. Create a TKO webpage on DEI spectrum analysis and current initiatives to track progress across different components.

TKO values and reflects the voices, contributions, and interests of our diverse staff and stakeholders and has created systems, policies, and practices to maintain this organizational culture.

    1. Create and maintain feedback mechanisms for continuous development and growth in DEI.
    2.  Invoke change through policies and agreements that hold ourselves and our partners accountable to a culture of inclusion.

Tools and Resources

Here you will find links to materials we have developed in our efforts to make TKO a more equitable, inclusive, diverse, and welcoming organization. These materials were developed in collaboration with many partner organizations as well as individual volunteers.

We know this work cannot happen in a vacuum, so in an effort to pay it forward, we welcome you to utilize these materials however you like to inform your own work.  

If you have any questions, or would like to connect further with our team, please contact us at

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