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Crew Leaders and Assistant Crew Leaders are the backbone of TKO. These all-volunteer rockstars are involved in everything we do, from project scouting, to writing project proposals, to hosting trail parties around the state. When we see trails that need our support, the first question we ask is “who is willing to lead here?”. If you want to see more volunteers helping out on more trails across Oregon, then Crew Leadership with TKO is for you.

Big or small, simple or complex, TKO's Crew Leaders lead the charge in every project we tackle.
Big or small, simple or complex, TKO's Crew Leaders lead the charge in every project we tackle.
A photo of Crew Leader Claudio Berstein
Becoming an Assistant Crew Leader is a great way to specialize in many different areas including sawyer certifications, rock work and more.
Becoming a volunteer leader opens up many ongoing opportunities including leadership training, First Aid certifications, and project planning classes.
Start your journey towards earning your Orange or Yellow Hat

Where Do I Start?

Becoming a Crew Leader is a personal and individual journey, but this page is a great place to start. Here you’ll find more information about what it takes to become an Assistant Crew Leader/Crew Leader, resources for your journey, and info on where you can register for further trainings. If you have any questions during your exploration, please use the contact from at the bottom of the page to reach out.

Leadership Lab

Curious to know more? Whether you’re fully committed to taking on a leadership role or you’re curious to get a peak behind the scenes at TKO, these short 2 hour webinars are step one. The sessions are open to everyone! Click the button on the right to register for the next Leader Lab and start your journey.

Check out our events calendar for upcoming Leadership Labs

Crew Leader School

So, you’ve got a few trail parties under your hard hat and you’re ready to take the path towards becoming an Orange Hat (Assistant Crew Leader) or a Yellow Hat (Crew Leader)? Crew Leader School is your next step! This two and half day course will cover advanced leadership skills, get you immersed in our organizational culture and help you learn the nuts and bolts of becoming a volunteer leader for TKO. We’ll get some trail work done in the process too, of course! Click the button on the right for further details.

Visit our events calendar to find an upcoming Crew Leader School session

TKO’s Annual Leadership Summit

This 2.5-day annual event is open to folks who are current Crew Leaders (CLs/ACLs), TKO Board and advisory members and all other local community volunteers, Agency staff and partners who are interested in learning our leadership structure – if you’re wondering if this is right for you, please use the contact form at the bottom the page to start the conversation.

This event features sessions on TKO’s leadership culture about safety, inclusiveness and the quality of stewardship for the volunteer experience and the trails we tend to as well as in depth sessions on leadership awareness training, strategic planning and annual work plans for current and future trail stewardship/advocacy initiatives.

Click the button on the right for more details and registration!

The 2021 Leadership Summit is being planned. Stay tuned!

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