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Look Who’s Hiking: A Trail Baby Primer

March 14, 2018 Posted by Newsletter, Spring 2018 0 thoughts on “Look Who’s Hiking: A Trail Baby Primer”

By Megan Zabel Holmes, Board Member, Trailkeepers of Oregon


After a new baby arrives, it feels intimidating to get out of the house, let alone out on the trail. These little humans seem to require so much in the way of supplies and accessories, not to mention what it takes to soothe their unpredictable temperaments. To the uninitiated, hiking with an infant might seem like undue torture. But it doesn’t have to be! With the right plan and attitude you can unlock a new level of quality family time. Here are some lessons I’ve learned (most of them the hard way) about hitting the trail with the smallest adventurers.

A man with a baby in a baby carrier on his chest standing on a cliff high above a wide river.

Baby does her best Lewis and Clark impression. (Photo by Megan Zabel Holmes)


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