Why Should You Scout?

Scouting is a powerful activity to inform where TKO can make an impact on trails you care about. We want to hear from you, about the trails you love and the uplift they need.

TKO Scout School is a series of foundational and technical training activities. From being an informed hiker with the “Trails Eyes” necessary to report problems in an effective way, to advanced expertise in trails inventory and project proposals. We want to get you excited for the volunteer events to come. Go for your next hike with new tools and new eyes that see a world of possibilities.

Susan Schen and Brandon Tigner discover a downed tree on the Oregon Coast Trail
Scout Map created in Gaia GPS and Google Earth


Start Here

These tools and techniques are displayed for everyone to see, but designed to be utilized by TKO Volunteer Leadership. Participation in our technical scouting program requires an annual volunteer waiver.  If you’re interested in participating in our technical scouting program, please contact volunteers@trailkeepersoforegon.org


Start with these guides and tools.  The “Technical Scouting Lab” video will teach you what to look for, and how to use GAIA gps and the TKO Scout Sheet to report your findings to TKO.  The GAIA tutorial is available if you just need a refresher on how to use the GAIA app.  Print your Scout Sheet and start your hike!

TKO Scout Sheet downloadTKO Scout e-Waiver

Get Schooled, Dig In

Do you wonder how we’ll fix all these trail challenges?  Watch these short videos to prepare you for a TKO Volunteer Experience:

  • Battle the Brush

  • Mind the Mud

  • Log a Log

  • UnSound Structures


Use your completed Scout Sheet to fill out the Scout Sheet Report Form.  

Tell us about your experience on the trails regarding covid-19 “Take Care Out There” guidelines using the trail experience report.  All of these reports will be made anonymously.

Scout Sheet Report FormExperience Report Form

Ready to learn more? Follow the links below!

Trailkeepers University
Trail Ambassadors

Want to Get Involved?

Email volunteers@trailkeepersoforegon.org to learn more about how you can help us advocate for Oregon’s trails. Or contact us at:

Trailkeepers of Oregon
P.O. Box 14814
Portland, Oregon 97293
(971) 206-4351

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