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Interview with a Volunteer – Daron

May 18, 2020

Picture of volunteer Daron when she earned her green hard hat

A proud day for Daron, having attended 5 trail parties and earned her green hat.

Bringing the Trail Crew to you! This is a continuation of our “Interview with a Volunteer” series that we’ll be using to bring the fun of being a Trailkeeper to you while you stay safe at home.

Daron is a frequent volunteer who started her journey down TKO’s leadership path attending our Crew Leader School in January, and becoming and Assistant Crew Leader on Woman’s Day this year, March 8th.  We look forward to having her out on the trail in the not too distant future!

How are you keeping occupied during the COVID outbreak?

I work full-time from home, so that keeps me busy. I started taking an improv 101 class online just a couple weeks ago, and that’s been great! I’ve used technology to keep in contact with friends and family a lot. I’m thankful to have my girlfriend and dog at home to keep me occupied as well. I’ve also been taking care of myself by taking walks, playing sudoku, and enjoying video games. 

Are you missing trail work?

So very much! I miss the physical aspect of working hard and achieving a goal. I miss seeing known and unknown faces in a group with a common goal of giving back to our community and having fun. I miss the views of the forest, mountains, ocean…all the great things Oregon has to offer. The second photo is from when I earned my green helmet in July of 2019!

Can you share a favorite memory from a trail work party?

Volunteer Daron is "knighted" as an Assistant Crew Leader by Volunteer Crew Leader Kim.

Daron being “knighted” as an Assistant Crew Leader

One of my favorites has to be when I was “knighted” as an Assistant Crew Leader on our Women’s Day event this year at Oxbow Regional Park. It only seemed appropriate for me to kneel (first photo). That whole day was amazing. I spent the last half hour or so on the uphill side of the trail, tucked into a lot of brush, moving rocks around to negotiate water drainage. I say negotiate, because that water was driving a hard deal. I had a blast.

Thanks for reading! We hope this helps get you inspired to join a TKO trail party once we’ve all made it through this. Take care out there!

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