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Family Friendly Events are Back!

March 1, 2023

An adult holds a fern while a child uses lopper to cut it at the base.

Join TKO on the last Sunday of each month to learn all about trail stewardship!

By Natalie Ferraro

Trailkeepers is excited to once again be offering Family Friendly trail parties for 2023. These events are a chance for kids of all ages to learn some of the basics of trail stewardship, spend quality time with family and friends outdoors, and learn the value of taking care of a place they love. We think our Family Friendly trail parties are some of the best fun you can have on a Sunday, but you don’t have to take our world for it. We asked TKO volunteer Jon and his son Liam to share why they love volunteering with TKO.

Tell our readers a bit about yourselves!

Jon: My name is Jon and I am thirty-eight years old. I enjoy being outside in all weather – to snowboard, hike, and kayak. Being inside to drink coffee and read a good book is nice for recovery!

Liam: I am six years old. My most favorite things (other than my parents) are hugs and playing basketball. I also like to read a lot.

Two adults and a child, all wearing green hard hats, pose with their arms around each other while smiling at the camera.

The Anderegg family celebrates Liam receiving his TKO hard hat.

Why do you volunteer with TKO?

Jon: I found TKO after getting into trail running around Mount Hood. I started to wonder who was responsible for trail maintenance and I was inspired to start helping. Working on trails is one of the best ways I’ve found to feel connected and grounded to a sense of place.

Liam: To help people not get branches in their face! So hikers can get to know places really well.

What is your favorite memory from a trail party? 

Jon: The Halloween costume trail party was a lot of fun. Liam and I were dressed up as a chef team! While the white outfits were impossible to keep clean, it was a lot of fun! 

Liam: The time I got my green hat! I was very happy and proud of myself.

An adult and a child stand in the woods beside a green signs that says "Volunteers Ahead!". They are dressed as chefs, and the child holds a rake.

Jon and Liam show off their chef costumes at TKO’s Trick or Trails event in 2022.

Why should other kids volunteer with TKO?

Liam: TKO is a good way to help others walk on trails. You’ll feel really proud of yourself!

What would you tell other families who are interested in volunteering? 

Jon: Family friendly trail days have made it easy to share my love for the outdoors with my son. He got so excited to work toward getting his own hard hat and learn from crew leaders about how to spot snails and identify plants. Getting to spend a few hours seeing him learn to care for the environment while connecting with others has made me really happy.

TKO’s Family Friendly events take place on the last Sunday of the month from March – October. You can find more info and sign up at our events calendar.  We hope to see you and your family on the trail! 

Two children smile out from the inside of a hollow tree.

You never know what kind of cool things you’ll find on the trail!

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