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Portland Audubon Gabion Trail Party (afternoon)

July 26 at 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

We’ll be excavating the trail and installing a wire cage filled with rocks (a gabion) to repair a failing section on the Founder’s Trail.

Crew Leader: TBD

Max Size of Crew: 8

Hike Distance: 0.75 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 200 ft

Hike Intensity: Low (dirt trail, some steps)

Work Intensity: Moderate

Work Type: Gabion installation (digging, moving rocks, assembling metal cage)

Project Information:

We’ll be installing a metal cage filled with rocks (a gabion) to reinforce a section of trail that is failing. We’ll use digging tools (picks, shovels, hoes) to excavate a hole for the cage, wire-working tools (pliers, bolt cutters) to assemble the cage, hauling tools (wheelbarrow, rock web, buckets) to move rocks, and grubbing tools (hoes) to cover the cage with rocks and soil.

Hiking information:

It is 0.3 miles on the Founder’s Trail to the project site. The trail surface is dirt with a few mildly steep areas and some steps. There are sections with a steep slope off the trail down to the creek.

You should plan to participate in this trail party for its entirety. For safety reasons, please do not arrive late or expect to be able to leave early.

What to bring:

  • Plenty of water
  • Snacks
  • Gloves if you have them (loaner gloves available)
  • Any medications or emergency supplies you may need
  • Sunscreen + insect repellent
  • A pack to bring all of this with you on trail
  • Need gear? TKO has clothes, boots, camping gear, and more available for loan. Reach out to volunteers@trailkeepersoforegon.org to let us know how we can help!

What to wear:

  • Boots (Please wear something sturdy that will protect your toes from sharp tools. Tennis shoes are not recommended. Open-toed shoes will not be allowed.)
  • Work gloves (loaner gloves available)
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants
  • Rain gear, insulating layers, sun protection, etc. as appropriate for the weather
  • TKO will supply hard hats and safety glasses


Directions will be supplied to registrants via email 48 hours before event.

LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: TKO recognizes that the trails we work on travel through the traditional lands of many Indigenous tribes and communities. In every corner of what we now call Oregon, these people were forced to cede their land, their home, to the US government. We are privileged to be here today and we express gratitude to these tribes and their descendants for being the original and continuing stewards of these spaces.

ACCOMMODATION REQUESTS: TKO seeks to make our events inclusive of people of all backgrounds and abilities. If you would like to discuss potential accommodations to allow for your participation in this event, please click here to complete a short Google survey. TKO staff will then contact you to discuss options. Please note: available accommodations will vary by event and typically need to be requested a minimum of two weeks in advance. If you have any questions, please contact TKO Stewardship Manager Lindsay McIntosh-Tolle at lindsay.mcintosh@trailkeepersoforegon.org.

EQUITY & INCLUSION: TKO seeks to make Oregon’s trails a place where people can go to connect with nature & one another. Not everyone feels safe or welcome in the outdoors due to issues like racism, bias, and hate. We commit to being part of the solution to this problem and to enact change. Conduct, speech, or expressions that target any individual or group will not be tolerated by TKO, regardless of whether they are based on age, citizenship, disability, ethnicity, gender identity/expression, geographic origin, language, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status.

PERSONAL SAFETY: Your physical and emotional safety is our number one priority. If a person’s actions or comments make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you may: interrupt directly, tell a crew leader, and/or inform TKO staff via the post-event survey.

While TKO no longer requires masking/vaccination for its events, we do support those who feel masking is necessary for their own safety. We ask participants to respect the health of folks who wear masks by distancing or wearing a mask while in close proximity.


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