Taking Action to Save Oregon’s Trails

TKO introduces the $1 for Gorge Trails Program, establishing the groundwork for a sustainable funding stream to expand our capacity for trails development and maintenance priorities in the Columbia River Gorge. The program collects funds through online reservations, resort fees and point of sales expenditures such hotel accommodations, food and beverage purchases and merchandise through our business partners highlighted. These contributions will be collected by the local business and donated quarterly to TKO.

Our goal is to create a sustainable trails system in the Gorge, engaging a strong support of trails – educating visitors to shift from trail users to trail stewards – giving back to places that have given all of us so much. A $1 for Gorge Trails fund will enable TKO to enhance our connections to the exceptional natural, scenic, and recreational sites of the Gorge.

Gorge Led, Portland Lifted

The partner businesses below have stepped up to support our beloved Gorge trails, recognizing that it takes the whole community near and far to lift them up!

Volunteer Based

Today, almost all trails on our public lands are now maintained by volunteers. From team building events, to trail parties, and organizing behind the scenes, there’s a way everyone can help.

Get Involved

How We Work

We begin with maintenance and stewardship projects that preserve current trails, with the idea that we’re not willing to lose another trail to neglect.

Our Mission

Long Term Goal

We’re also committed to restoring proper funding and renewing public agency interest in trails for all the proven benefits they provide for the public.


Want to be a Dollar for Gorge Trails partner?

Email volunteers@trailkeepersoforegon.org to learn more. Or contact us at:

Trailkeepers of Oregon
P.O. Box 14814
Portland, Oregon 97293
(971) 206-4351

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