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1st PCTA Trail Skills College, TKO an Inaugural Partner

September 23, 2023

In early 2008 PCTA submitted a grant to REI Co-op to start what would become the Columbia Cascades Trail Skills College (CCTSC) and PCTA graciously added a request for tools and PPE for TKO. TKO had not received their nonprofit designation from the IRS till later that year. The grant came through and TKO got its first hardhats and Pulaskis. Sitting Board members of TKO who were PCTA staff and lead volunteers hosted the 1st TSC in Cascade Locks with an incredible outpouring of support from the trails community. TKO was one of several sponsors of this inaugural event.

That grant also funded the first draft and publication of the Trail Skills College curriculum that is now used at all PCTA trail skills colleges.

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