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Trail Work Spotlight: McIver Viewpoint Trail

December 18, 2017 Posted by Newsletter, Trail Work Spotlight, Winter 2018 0 thoughts on “Trail Work Spotlight: McIver Viewpoint Trail”

By Elaine Keavney, Board Member, Trailkeepers of Oregon

Along the Clackamas River between Oregon City and Estacada, 951-acre Milo McIver State Park has historically had a single trail connecting its upper and lower northern sections. Because frequent slides and the resulting repairs temporarily closed the Vortex Loop hillside section of the trail almost every year the past few years, Oregon State Parks was given grant funding to create a new, more sustainable trail. It would begin at a new Milo McIver Memorial Viewpoint overlooking the Clackamas River with views of Mount Hood and Mount Adams, and end near a meadow in the lower northern section of the park. Park Ranger John Hilbert contacted TKO Crew Leader Elaine Keavney about the possibility of TKO volunteers leading the trail-building project. Pat and Elaine Keavney met with the ranger several times in early September 2016 to flag the proposed route.

A hard-hatted woman pounds a sledge hammer onto an upright log while two trail workers support the log with straps.

Elaine Keavney pounds a Grimm stake to secure a curb log along the Viewpoint Trail, while two trail workers support the log with straps. Photo by Elaine Keavney.


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