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Week 7 Goal: $12,000



Enhancing trail systems

Over the winter, Larch Mountain trail, leading to the top of Multnomah Falls, received significant damage.  A dead tree fell, and in the process tore up about fifteen feet of the trail. This left a ten inch wide section for the many people wanting to visit the top of the falls to navigate.  Partnering with the Forest Service, TKO was able to fix a section of trail leading to the worksite, facilitating material delivery.  Volunteers also came out many times to assist in gathering stone, and helping construct a robust retaining wall to restore the trail to a hikable width.

This is just one example of hundreds of TKO volunteers helping to keep trails safe and open in the Columbia River Gorge. Their work is possible because trail lovers everywhere support this work through donations. Will you join them with a gift today? 

In 2023, Trailkeepers in the gorge...

6,171 volunteer hours

54+ miles of trail maintained

829 logs cleared

919 volunteers

Weekly Raffle

Our friends at Arc’teryx Portland are sweetening the deal for those who give a gift to Oregon’s trails this week!

Everyone who donates $150 or more this week will be entered into a raffle to win an Atom Hoody from Arc’teryx Portland (thats a $300 value!)


Latest News

A large group of TKO Trail Ambassadors stand in front of a waterfall. The image is overlaid by the TKO logo.

Trail Ambassadors are gearing up for a big year on Oregon’s trails

Every spring, Trailkeepers of Oregon Trail Ambassadors head out onto some of Oregon’s most well-loved trails to welcome visitors and share important information about the trail, hiking safety, Leave No Trace, local flora and fauna, and more. We’ve added more locations to our repertoire for this season and we need your help to meet the growing demand on our trails!


A Message from TKO’s Executive Director

Happy Holidays Trailkeepers,

The TKO Legacy Builders end-of-year campaign is coming to a close on December 31st. We are so proud that this campaign is fueled by a grassroots donor base that builds a kick start of support for a new year. Our approach continues to be that everyone in their own way is a Trailkeeper – giving time, giving passion, or giving dollars. Each of these contributions amount to more protection and enhancement of Oregon’s hiking trails.


Improving the Columbia River Gorge Trail Experience

From Latourell Falls to Mosier Plateau, TKO volunteers put in 6,171 hours (257 days!) in the Columbia River Gorge throughout 2023 ensuring your favorite trails remain ready to welcome you on your adventures. Read on for fun insight on the wide variety of trails and projects that you, our community, helped us to pursue!


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