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Rebuilding Oregon’s trails after wildfires.


  • Hosted 36 trail party events with over 150 volunteers on the Clackamas River Trail (CRT).
  • Cleared 247 wind and fire damaged logs that were obstructing the CRT.
  • Trained over 40 volunteers and partner organization staff in the art of recovering trails from wildfire.
  • Maintained and repaired over 62,000 feet of fire affected trails across Oregon.

464 hours of volunteer service

at TKO’s Tread School: Fire Recovery Edition in 2022

These trails are rising from the ashes.

The Clackamas River Trail, closed since the 2020 Riverside Fire, is a well-loved hiking trail in the Clackamas Wilderness Area following the beautiful Clackamas River. Throughout the last year, TKO volunteer crews have been steadily working their way down the trail from the Fish Creek Campground. Due to the precarious nature of fire damaged areas, great care was taken to ensure the safety of volunteers; teams of sawyers hit the trail first, removing particularly dangerous obstacles and clearing the way for tread crews who have now improved 2 miles of trail.

There’s more than one way to give!

Anyone who donates their time at a TKO trail party this week (11/14- 11/20) will also be entered to win at the $100+ level.


9 other organizations

joined TKO in our efforts to bring back Oregon’s trails from fire in 2022.

TREAD SCHOOL: Fire Recovery Edition

In June 2022, nearly 40 TKO staff, volunteers, and partners set out to Camp Taloali, which typically functions as a summer camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and youth, for TKO’s Tread School – Fire Recovery Edition. Minutes from trails impacted by the 2020 Labor Day Wildfires, participants received a comprehensive trails training focused on wildfire recovery. Topics included burn area safety, risk management, and safe use of hand tools to perform basic brushing and tread restoration on fire-affected trails.

Hosted by TKO with support from generous sponsors at the BLM and 10 Barrel Brewing, numerous free and reduced cost options were made available for those which the registration fee was a barrier to attendance. Thank you to our partners at the BLM, ODF, USFS, and OTC for offering their time and expertise!

Hundreds more miles of trail still need to be repaired. We can’t get there without your support!

Give a gift to TKO today. 


Latest News

Safety, Fun, Service – becoming a TKO Crew Leader

A close up of two faces. One person wears a blue jacket and a yellow hat, the other wears a yellow jacket and an orange hat. They both have dirt on their faces and are smiling.

Being a Crew Leader with TKO is rewarding work and comes with a fun and supportive community that can’t wait to welcome you!

by Elaine Keavney and Loren Payne

So you’ve earned your green hat, and are getting “hooked” on trail stewardship.  As you get to know your crew leaders, do you find yourself wondering whether leading a crew would be something you would enjoy? Read on for some information about leading crews, and what you need to do if you would like to become a TKO crew leader!


Fire and Rain – 2022 Tread School

A photo of people in hard hats using straps to carry a burned log through a burned forest. Over this image are the words Tread School - Fire Recovery Edition

Rebuilding trails from the ashes.

By Natalie Ferraro

With over an inch of rain pouring down from cloudy skies for the weekend, it was hard to believe that the forest that volunteers worked and trained in during Tread School 2022 had been the victim of dry weather, extreme winds and raging fires only two years earlier. A group of Trailkeeper volunteers were undaunted by the ‘atmospheric river’ and showed up at Camp Talaoli anyway. These hardy folks were here to learn the skills needed to repair hiking trails after wildfires, and to start  rebuilding trails damaged by the Beachie Creek Fire.


Increasing Our Impact by Lending a Hand

Two people in hard hats work on their knees to install a piece of decking on a bardwalk.

TKO volunteers helped to build a new boardwalk at the South Slough Estuary Reserve this summer.

By Katie Vaughan, TKO Board Member

Throughout 2022, TKO crews set out on the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor—a 12-mile stretch of picturesque southern Oregon coastline—over 20 times, helping to recover areas lost to vegetation and time. Now, thanks to these efforts, you can have a picnic at Whaleshead Beach, hike from Natural Bridges to Spruce Island uninterrupted, or explore the Thunder Rock Cove Loop! […]

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