Oregon’s South Coast


Volunteer Participants


Hours of Service


Feet of Trail Improved


In-Kind Value

Increasing our impact by lending a hand.


  • Helped replace a boardwalk in the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve.
  • Started work on the popular and challenging Humbug Mountain trail.
  • Cleared the Whaleshead and Arch Rock Picnic Areas.
  • Created a new connection from Natural Bridges to Spruce Island.
  • Completely brushed the Thunder Rock Cove Loop.
  • Mapped the entire scenic corridor from Lone Ranch (non-official terminus) to Hookskanaden.

213 hours of work

by TKO volunteers built 300 ft of boardwalk on the South Coast in 2022.


The Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor stretches 12 miles along the picturesque southern Oregon coast, offering locals and visitors alike countless opportunities to experience the natural wonders. Throughout 2022, TKO crews set out over 20 times, helping to recover areas in the corridor lost to vegetation and time. Now, thanks to their efforts, when you visit Samuel Boardman you can have a picnic at Whaleshead Beach, hike from Natural Bridges to Spruce Island uninterrupted, or explore the Thunder Rock Cove Loop!

Our friends at Pelican Brewing and Hart’s Camp have a lil’ something extra for those who give a gift to Oregon’s trails this week.

Give $75 or more to TKO this week ONLY, and you will be entered to win a 2-night getaway in an Airstream trailer at Hart’s Camp, complete with a complimentary case of Headout Hefe.

It doesn’t get more Oregon Coast than Airstreams and beers!

There’s more than one way to give!

We value our volunteers time.

Anyone who donates their time at a TKO trail party this week (11/7 – 11/13) will also be entered to win this week’s raffle prize!


20+ trail parties

dedicated to recovering trails on the South Coast lost to vegetation and time.

Week 2 Goal: $8,000


South Slough

The South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve plays a critical role in protecting the unique species and habitats found where a freshwater river meets the salty sea. In collaboration with the Oregon Department of State Lands, TKO crews dedicated 213 hours of work to building a 300 foot long boardwalk on the Hidden Creek Trail. This boardwalk will allow visitors to learn about estuaries and their role in protecting the Oregon coast. This collaborative project did more than give visitors a dry place to walk though. Efforts like this bring in new volunteers, strengthen relationships with our partners and teach our Crew Leaders new and important technical skills. 

Projects like this are waiting for TKO all across Oregon, but we need your help to get there.

Join Oregon’s trail legacy by giving to TKO today. 


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Throughout 2023 TKO has been lucky to participate in some outstanding trail projects in the Willamette and Umpqua River Valleys. These projects, critical to maintaining and reopening trails,  allowed volunteers to grow their trail construction skills in some of Oregon’s most beautiful natural areas!


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